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To those of you who have stumbled on this site this is your chance to have your say. To those of you that have let your curiosity get the better of you, than this is the site where what you say wont go astray. What is lost perspective ? It's a sight that is designed solely to help you reconnect with those you have disconnected from. For a long time we have adapted to the belief that things are the way they are supposed to be and we cant do anything to change the things that we're not happy with. This mentality forces us to feel alone in our thoughts and discourages us from wanting more because we spend our time trying to fit in rather than just doing what comes naturally, by just being ourselves. Our fears of not being accepted by our peers keeps our true thoughts in the shadows and starts to change our personality to what we think people want us to be like. Being made to feel different puts us in the lime light and makes us an easy target for bullies who strive to highlight our differences as weakness. This site is where you don't have to feel threatened for being different and promotes the belief that we should be proud of who we are and feel comfortable to ask the questions that we are normally afraid to ask because of the rejection we may have to face. The lost perspective forum gives you the power to make your point and share your thoughts with the world which may help you better relate to whoever you trying to connect with. People are wary when it comes to being totally honest with their emotions, forcing them to live their life on two separate planes. Their home life which is where they come alive without the fear that you feel when trying to be part of the in crowd, and their social life where your actions are governed by the leader of the group. A healthy social life sometimes seems to be manipulated by what is considered fashionable, which can camouflage what people really want. People going through life never being able to connect with their true self because they feel that fitting in is safer than being considered a misfit . Without the correct guidance we are all destined to falter when trying to relate with anyone who hasn't lost their perspective. So maybe you can be fortunate enough to find your perspective at www.lostperspective.com.au or at least help someone else find their way back on the right track. You may have battled through the tough times alone but your experience may be able to help someone be successful at their attempts for having a happier life.


Lost Perspective Forum

Without an open forum we are limited to remain powerless because our say can not be heard, forcing us the hand that envelops a lost perspective mentality. We all need to have our minds open to the ever changing world otherwise we are restricted by our own limited experiences. Without the help that we get from learning from each others life experiences we would be doomed to do things the hard way, unsure of our decisions. We all need to look deep within ourselves if ever we're to see what our heart craves. For a healthy life needs to have a healthy mind and self discovery will only come when you accept yourself for who you really are and stand up for what you believe in. Your beliefs are your foundations which help get you through the hard times. If you base your ethics on false beliefs you and your beliefs will crumble the moment your views are tested. Their needs to be a solidarity between your ethics and your beliefs for you to remain true to your core. When joining the forum , to have your say your e-mail must be confirmed by you if you want the power to be heard and make your say count. This Forum is your place to go if you have a thought you wanted to express and also a way you can see if you share similar experiences with others out in the real world.


Comment and Chat term & rules

In order to keep the chat rooms and the comments clean, constructive and useful, you should keep to the following rules. Make sure you read the rules thoroughly . Violate these rules will most probably result in a permanent ban.

-Do not post,request or link to keys,key generators,cracks,warez illegal software sites crack search engines or ftp sites.

-Do not promote sites where the primary intention is to promote your personal website.

-Absolutely no refer-rel links at all are allowed, and the result will be instant banning.

-Flaming and Trolling is not allowed.

-Extreme/Excessive foul language will not be permitted . This include cursing swearing and abbreviations.

-Stay on topic. Do not start conversations that has nothing to do with the content.




Links and their Meanings

Links will help direct you through the different paths that make up this website. Each link will have it's own main purpose, whether it's to connect you to the lost perspective blog that gives you my own interpretation of life. Or if your keen on supporting the brand Lost Perspective and its stand than show your support by choosing something from the zazzle store. Supporting the brand and its ideals shows that you understand that we can all sometimes feel a little lost, but your proud to say that you are now on the right track to find your perspective. Appreciating that the lost perspective forum has given you the advice to propel you as a forward thinker. Watch these utube video's to see how they emanate the LOST PERSPECTIVE view which illustrates that we all need to be a little crazy to survive in a world full of hypocrisy, but their is good advice as long as your on the right forum. News has my favourite quotes listed that are said so often in a sentence that they can lose their impact but when you reflect on their true meaning it forces the listener to reflect on how the series of words might relate to them. Words have the power to bring your spirits up and at the same time they also can have the opposite effect, so choose your words carefully if your intention is to encourage or discourage someone. Remember that we are all connected so treat people with the same respect you want to be treated with and only judge if you don't mind being judged yourself.  

Utube and the lostmyperspective blog uncut version are just some of the quick links that are only a click away from you finding the right answer to those questions that may trouble you. Choosing the right links might help you work out what might help reconnect you to those who you may share similar experiences and beliefs with. Unless you open yourself up and deal with your own insecurities you will never fill comfortable with showing anyone your true self and will remain disconnected with society. Once you understand what makes you tick are you then able to use this insight to help others solve their similar dilemas. With your asistance they dont need to face their problems alone which can be the key to help motivate other people reach their dreams.


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